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Maurice Israel

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Maurice Israel, a distinguished Psychic Medium and seasoned educator, has devoted the past 17 years to offering personalized readings and captivating mediumship demonstrations to diverse groups. Beyond his remarkable mediumship abilities, Maurice boasts a rich background as a Registered Nurse, accumulating over 22 years of invaluable experience. Much of his nursing career was dedicated to providing compassionate care in the realm of Hospice and Palliative Care, predominantly serving the Florida community.

Having honed his craft at the esteemed Arthur Findlay College in the UK, Maurice's talents have traversed the globe, leaving a trail of profoundly impacted clients. His sphere of influence extends across both the United States and Europe, where he has skillfully imparted the art of mediumship through teachings and captivating demonstrations.


Maurice's educational offerings encompass Psychic Development and Mediumship Development classes, each thoughtfully infused with a spiritual essence. Recognizing the paramount significance of spiritual evolution in the journey of honing one's abilities, he consistently integrates this facet into his instruction. By fostering spiritual growth, Maurice believes individuals can forge a profound connection with their authentic selves, thereby enriching their overall personal growth.


Central to Maurice's ethos is the belief in the therapeutic potency of mediumship and its pivotal role in the healing process of grief. Through his extensive career, he has borne witness to the uplifting impact of mediumship on his clients, attesting to its capacity for fostering positive transformation.


A distinguished accolade in his impressive portfolio, Maurice proudly holds the distinction of being a Certified Medium under the aegis of the Forever Family Foundation.


For those seeking to embark on a transformative journey with Maurice, the pathway to booking a session awaits on the dedicated readings page. Additional information and details can be found there, facilitating an opportunity to engage with Maurice's profound insights and remarkable talents.

Click here to book a reading.

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