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From mask mandates to testing requirements to vaccine availability to (sometimes) no requirements at all, the various rules and regulations not only differ by state, but sometime even by major cities with the states

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Get important information as you consider traveling to different cities and states across the United States.

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Knowledgeable, detail oriented, personable, dedicated are just some of the adjectives that describe Lynn of TRAVEL with EASe .... TRAVEL with EASe has been my "go to" travel agency since 1995.

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WOW!!! U r the VERY BEST! U r the true meaning of CUSTOMER SERVICE! That does not happen very often anymore. I appreciate your efforts!

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TRAVEL with EASe has been my travel agency since the 90's. Lynn Sullivan, the very personable owner, works very hard to see that I get the necessary attention needed in my travels.

Serious "Revenge Travel" opportunities for the vaccinated traveler


With over half of all adults in the U.S. fully vaccinated and 63% with at least their first shot, the urge for “revenge travel” is growing rapidly. The question is, however, “so what if I’m vaccinated?” What is different for the vaccinated traveler other than the fact that they can feel vastly safer venturing out?


First, it is a truism that vaccinations are making travel more complicated not less. Why? Because there was no agreed upon protocol for international travel before we began to get vaccinated and there certainly is no agreement amongst countries on how to deal with vaccinated travelers now. Yes there are efforts such as the EU’s Digital COVID Certificates but the world is a long way away from a uniform and unified approach.


While many countries including the U.S. have not changed their positions on COVID-19 and international travel, there is a perceptible and important number of changes happening for the vaccinated traveler.