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About TRAVEL with EASe

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"At TRAVEL with EASe, we take great pride in being your trusted 'Concierge for World Travel,' where our unwavering mission is to turn your dream vacation into an extraordinary reality."





A Heartfelt Message from our Founder - Lynn Sullivan

As a former Chinese translator during my time in the Air Force, I found myself immersed in the beauty of the Far East. Assisting friends and coworkers in planning their dream vacations ignited a passion within me, which eventually led me to become a certified travel consultant.

In 1992, a turning point arose when I discovered a vacation that offered greater benefits and value for a family I was assisting. Unfortunately, the agency I worked for restricted me from providing this option, leaving me feeling compelled to offer more for my clients. Thus, TRAVEL with EASe was born, fueled by my belief that a thoughtfully planned vacation can add profound meaning to your life's narrative while ensuring it's an extraordinary value.

The little "e" in EASe holds a significant meaning - it stands for my initials, EAS. With the choice between EASy Travel and TRAVEL with EASe, the latter won as the embodiment of my unwavering dedication to exceptional service.

Over the years, I've earned numerous prestigious designations like Master Cruise Counselor (MCC) and Certified Travel Consultant (CTC). These titles are not just letters; they represent my commitment to this career and your travel experiences. With each designation, my knowledge base expands, enabling me to provide you with the best information to elevate your journeys.

"Why should I use a travel agent?" - you may ask. My response is simple: Why settle for an automated service with no personal touch? TRAVEL with EASe is here to serve your needs, offering genuine care and expertise that automated systems lack.

As a licensed and certified veteran-owned agency, we take pride in arranging journeys that become cherished moments in your life. Wherever your dreams beckon, let's embark on this incredible adventure together. Your unforgettable experience awaits, so let's get ready to make your dreams a reality.

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