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Terms and Conditions


By accessing the TRAVEL with EASe website, you have agreed to the terms and conditions and you are giving consent for TRAVEL with EASe to act on your behalf for your travel needs. These terms and conditions which acts as an agreement, describe what to legally expect from us when you purchase travel related services through us. The terms "we", "us" and "our" refer to TRAVEL with EASe, and the term "you" refers to the customer visiting our website, booking a reservation through us or otherwise using our services on behalf of yourself and others.


Our Agreement with You


Packages and Suppliers
We sell and promote a range of travel related products from different suppliers and service providers.  Each Supplier has its own terms and condition that are applicable to your particular needs and we endeavor to inform you of them.


All bookings including flights are subject to price changes until the required payments are made. Any increased in charges will be at a cost to you and not us. In accepting these terms and conditions you hereby give your consent for us to charge your credit card for such additional amounts incurred.

Travel Protection/Insurance: Travel protection and insurance is strongly recommended to protect your investment. Unless specifically noted, travel insurance is not included in the cost of client’s itinerary. Information for travel insurance will be sent to you within a reasonable time frame after deposit based on trip cost and components.


Customized Research and Planning Package Fee

To perform the professional services required to plan and arrange your travel a fee is required which is non-refundable. Vacation planning involves much time and my work is based on years of personal experience and professional expertise. Your final itinerary and documents will give you as smooth a vacation as is possible. All vacations arranged through TRAVEL with EASe offer peace of mind, as we are experienced professionals in the business of planning individual travel for travelers who demand the most professional individual attention to detail and execution of a well-planned vacation.

Additional Disclosure: TRAVEL with EASe is not the source or supplier of the travel services requested and acts solely as a booking agent for disclosed principal supplier cruise lines, hotels, airlines, ground transportation and other companies providing accommodations, transportations, and/or other services. Each of these suppliers is an independent entity with its own management and is not subject to the control of TRAVEL with EASe. TRAVEL with EASe shall not be liable for any accident, injury, property damage or personal loss to client or to those traveling with Client in connection with any travel services we have booked, including but not limited to acts of God, weather conditions, natural disasters, acts of governments or other authorities, wars, civil disturbances, riots, strikes, epidemics, acts of terrorism, breakdown in equipment, theft, delay, fuel increases or cancelation or change in intermarry or schedules. I acknowledge and accept that there are cancelation policies, change fees and penalties that apply to my travel plans and services as set by travel suppliers. If for any reason my credit card charges are later declined, reversed or TRAVEL with EASe is unable to receive payment for the travel plans and services, I acknowledge that this is a binding contract and TRAVEL with EASe will be entitled to recovery, including reasonable attorneys’ fees in connection with collection.


I agree with the above terms and conditions and engage TRAVEL with EASe to research my vacation plans.

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