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An Adventure of Astronomical Proportions

On December 4 2021, for the second time in history, a total solar eclipse will be visible only from the Southern Ocean. As a brief period of darkness is cast over parts of the Great White Continent and its surrounding waters, those lucky enough will witness this natural phenomenon that, until now, only one group of explorers ever has before.

At Scenic, we continue to push the boundaries of ultra-luxury exploration and, in doing so, have created this truly sensational Scenic Eclipse 20-day Antarctica, South Georgia & Falkland Islands with Solar Eclipse Sailing itinerary. Setting off from Ushuaia in Argentina and sailing the South Atlantic to the Antarctic Peninsula, take your front row seat for this outstanding spectacle, with exciting stops at some of the most pristine landscapes on the planet.

What is a total solar eclipse?

When the moon shifts between the earth and the sun, it casts a shadow on the earth. This is called a solar eclipse. When the moon covers the entirety of the sun, it is called a total solar eclipse. Two types of shadow exist, the umbra – the part where any sun is blocked out – and the surrounding penumbra – a lighter shadow from which sunlight is obscured. When a total solar eclipse takes place, the moon casts its umbra onto Earth and if you should find yourself positioned just right, you may witness the sun as it is blocked to form just a crescent of light.

Scenic Eclipse: The perfect vantage point

Unlike many ships of its type, the unique design of Scenic Eclipse means we can position ourselves in the direct path of the solar eclipse, at the South Sandwich Island archipelago. In the early hours, you’ll gather on deck with your fellow guests and experts for the best view as our location at sea and extreme latitude positions the solar eclipse low on the horizon. Put your complimentary eclipse viewing glasses on and watch in awe as the continent is plunged into darkness for a few spectacular minutes.

Unrivalled opportunities for discovery

In true Scenic style, we created Scenic Eclipse, the World’s First Discovery Yachts™ to provide endless opportunity for unrivaled exploration, where ultra-luxury on board is limitless. Designed to suit both the keen explorer and the elegant traveller, journey with us to the southernmost part of the world, where the ship’s world-class design and small guest numbers enable better access and in-depth expeditions to places previously unimaginable. On board, we’re welcoming experts to join our Discovery Team for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Made up of two former NASA scientists and a world-renowned astrologer, they’ll be available for insightful discussions, guest lectures and viewings. Dr Karen Knierman, a lecturer in Astrophysics at the School of Earth and Space Exploration at Arizona State University, will use her experience working with the Hubble Space Telescope studying star formation in colliding galaxies, to impart her years of wisdom as the spectacle unfolds. Dr Patrick Young, an Associate Professor of Astrophysics and Astrobiology also from the School of Earth and Space Exploration at Arizona State University, has dedicated his career to the study of the life and death of stars, as well as to astrobiology, working with geoscientists to understand how the chemical composition of stars and planets affects planetary habitability. And Rachel Frances Gordon, an internationally recognized intuitive consultant, educator, and speaker, who has been providing astrological and intuitive consultations since 1980. She is the founder of The Angel Trust Foundation, a grassroots teaching venue, and the creator and host of The Intuitive View, a weekly radio show offering a unique and entertaining view on all things metaphysical and enlightening.

It’s written in the stars

Our hi-tech, custom-designed 360-degree theatre has been carefully considered to provide the most effective and inspiring educational space, boasting leather recline seats and three video walls. Here, Karen and Patrick will host a number of insightful lectures, covering a range of subjects from the basics of astronomy, to how galaxies are formed and what happens when they collide. Rachel will lecture on ancient and modern astrology, celestial navigation by ancient cultures using the constellations, and the mythology of the solar eclipse. And, in preparation for the eclipse, Karen and Patrick have prepared a special workshop on how to photograph a solar eclipse and the night sky. Their passion will be palpable during lounge talks and more informal discussions- a wonderful opportunity for you to ask any questions and perhaps even treat yourself to a complimentary astrological reading from Rachel herself.

Go beyond the extraordinary

Combining 6-star ultra-luxury with new levels of expedition discovery, time on board can be intertwined with Scenic Discovery excursions accompanied by our expert Discovery Leaders. Changing the way you experience the polar regions, our wonderful team of marine biologists, historians, geologists, archaeologists and photographers, will guide as you navigate the glacial waters on board our exceptional fleet of exploratory Zodiacs and kayaks. Don your complimentary custom-designed parka and polar boots and head off in the company of some of the most fascinating people on the planet.

Look out for the Magellanic penguin colony inhabiting the rocky terrain of the Falkland Islands archipelago, or the seals, whales, penguins and seabirds off South Georgia. Glide through narrow sheltered waterways and fjords, paddle amongst ice floes and visit historic huts and stations. You’ll even have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness Antarctica from a whole new perspective, as you take to the skies in one of our two helicopters for outstanding aerial views. Not forgetting, Scenic Neptune, our very own six-seat submarine, which can reach depths of 1000 feet and offers unimpeded views of the extravagances below the waterline.

A land unlike anywhere else you will have been before, awe-inspiring Antarctica is something that must be seen to be believed. Follow in the footsteps of famous explorers and get closer than ever before to natural phenomena. Experience a plethora of ‘firsts’ and feel part of a special group that can say ‘I was there’. Then, as the day comes to a close, unwind with every amenity you could wish for on board Scenic Eclipse, the World’s First Discovery Yachts™.

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